Discipline Matters

The following are situations that warrant disciplinary actions and the procedures for appeal against dismissal:
• Violations of ICA’s Attendance Requirements
• Students with a monthly attendance record below 90%
• Students who are absent for seven consecutive school days
• Students who take home leave for more than seven consecutive school days without official approval from the College
• Students who commit offences against the law of Singapore and/ or bring the College into disrepute
• Non-payment of Fees: Students who fail to pay school fees in a timely manner
• Academic Rules: Students who cheated in an examination
• Students who persistently misbehave despite advice and warnings from the school

Students are to surrender their Student Pass first when appearing before a Disciplinary Board for persistent breach of school’s rules and regulations.

When a dismissal is decided by the Management team, a student will have his Student Pass cancelled immediately and is expected to leave Singapore within 5 days. All fees paid shall be forfeited.