Student Support Services

JE Educational College provides a comprehensive suite of student services as listed below:
1. Pre-course Counseling Services/ Information Dissemination
JE Educational College is committed to providing complete information about the College and the courses offered before the student enrols into the school of their choice of course. As part of the Pre-course counseling process, the Course Consultant of JE College provides minimally the following information:

• Profile of JE College
• JECollege’s location and contacts as well as the opening and closing hours
• Facilities and nearby amenities
• Course details and the modules to study, total number of modules, course outline, course duration, class schedule, timetable and assessment schedules
• Admission requirements, minimum English proficiency level and the academic criteria for being able to apply for the course

• Course fees including total course fees, Application Fee which is non-refundable, Administrative fees for course transfer and deferment, examination fees, course material fees, FPS insurance fees and medical insurance fees, late payment fees etc.

• Subsidies available for Singaporean and information on how to apply for the various subsidies available and requirements for subsidies

• Payment methods including information pertaining to payment modes, payment schedule and instalment payment if applicable

• Certification upon completion of the course, progression path, further studies in the College or in other education providers either local or overseas and employment opportunities

• Student Contract details including the rules and regulations that both the student and the school must comply with, transfer, withdrawal, deferment and refund of fees

• Application details including the documents required to be submitted for entry eligibility assessment, student selection and monitoring process

• Cash rewards for top achievers of JE Educational College

2. Student Pass or Visa Application (Subject to ICA Approval) – Whenever any new international students are approved by ICA, the responsible staff of JE College will inform student the outcome of the application (Timeframe = within 1 day). JE College will inform new students on what to bring and what are provided, the weather in Singapore, food & transport, pick-up arrangement at Changi Airport and Office’s contact number in case of emergency.

3. Renewal of Student Pass
4. Accommodation of Homestay arrangement – JE College does not provide but can assist students to make accommodation arrangement.

5. Arrangement for Airport pick-up – The College will make arrangement to pick up the student at the airport if necessary.

6. Arrangement for Medical Check-Up – The responsible staff of JE College will accompany the students for the required medical check-up to assist them and will collect the students’ medical reports after 1 or 2 days when it’s ready for collection.

7. Assist in Security deposit and opening bank account – JE College staff will bring the students to open a bank account and do formality for the Security Deposit if necessary.

8. Online ICA Appointment – The responsible staff from JE College will help to make an on-line ICA appointment for the students to process and collect their student pass. The staff will prepare the ICA online application form for the students, photocopy of the passport, In-principle Approval Letter from ICA and if required supporting documents of the certified certificates if required by ICA. On the day of appointment, the staff will accompany the students to ICA to collect the student pass if necessary.

9. Orientation programme – On the 1st day of class, students will attend a Course Orientation which they will be briefed on JE’s profile, rules and regulations, policies and procedures and prohibitions. A comprehensive Student Handbook will also be available at College’s website.

10. Provide free Student Counselling
Course Counseling Services
For Academic concerns the Director of Studies and the administrative personnel of the respective departments are always available to assist or provide suggestions and advice for any academic issues or for any concerns they may have.

• Pre-Course counseling service to enable potential students to make informed decisions
• Provide students professional advice on applying to the colleges or universities of their choice;
• providing counseling services for students on career options and education progression , i.e., matching the aspirations of the students with the course learning outcomes
• Give students useful advice about suitable degree programmes local or overseas
• Provide advice on career which matches with the student’s aspiration and course learning outcomes
• Academic care for weak students
• The students can call upon the Administrative staff of the respective department anytime for assistance. The respective personnel will also check on the students’ progress in their studies.
• The management and the administrative staff will also help students to mediate and counsel students if they faced problems in interacting with fellow classmates or have problems coping with the course work.

Pastoral Counseling Services
JE Educational College has appointed WEE JUN XIANG with the Bachelor of science with Psychology and TIN HTIKE WIN with the Master of Education (Early Childhood), Certificate in Psychological consultancy and counselling service as Part-time Counsellors. They can give advice to students with stress and serious emotional concerns or problems ranging from academic difficulties to personal or social issues and with difficulties such as adjustment problem, relationship problems etc. The student can approach the Administrative Staff of the respective department for appointment with the Counselors. In case of needs, students are encouraged to get the professional help from the following Voluntary Free Counseling Services in Singapore:

SOS (Samaritans of Singapore) -1800 221 4444/ The Counseling Place -6887 3695/ CareCorner Singapore -1800 3535800/ Family Life Society -6488 0278/ ComCare Hotline -1800 2220000 (24 Hours daily service)

11. Arrangement for local educational tours: Students are also introduced to the various recreation activities and local educational tours.

12. Provide advice for students on their further education in Singapore or Overseas

13. Assistance to students – JE College provides assistance to students facing difficulties in adapting to the new environment. Please contact our course administrator if you need any assistance.

14. Student Feedback and Evaluation and Service Quality

Student feedback on services and course delivery is an important element of the College’s process for quality assurance of services and quality training provided to students.
Students are encouraged to provide constructive comments and feedback about information on their learning experience and support services for the purpose of further improvement on the services and course delivery.  Feedback channels include

• Face-to-face feedback with the College’s management or administrative staff of the respective department during office hours;
• Email to, using the Feedback Form.
• Feedback Forms obtainable from the administrative staff:
• Student Feedback Form (feedback about facilities, trainers, course and admin staff)
• Customer Service Feedback Form (feedback about admin staff in handling pre-course counselling)

For detailed information about handling feedback and complaint, students can refer to school website ‘JE Educational College Feedback & Complaint Management System & Procedure’

The alternative way of the College receiving student’s feedback and comment is through ‘Student Evaluation’ which is conducted at the end of the course. In the survey, students rate the College on scale of 1 to 5 in the following areas:

• Training programs
• Trainers
• Facilities
• Non-academic staff performance
• Communication channels
• Pre-course counseling experience
• Standard and quality of Student Support services
• Assessment Methods and Frequency
• Satisfaction on recruitment agents
• Overall satisfaction with JE

Every effort is made to resolve the complaint/ feedback immediately. Depending on the complexity of the case, maximum timeframe for handling student/ customer feedback and complaint is 21 days.
If the students are not satisfied with the resolution provided by the College, they can refer to the Student Service Centre @ Committee for Private Education mediation channel. More information can be found in the College website: JE Educational College Feedback & Complaint Management System & Procedure’ ‘Dispute Resolution Mechanise by the CPE’ or in the CPE website

15. Advice on Future Study
For Academic concerns the Director of Studies and the administrative personnel of the respective departments are always available to assist or provide students professional advice on applying to the colleges or universities of their choice or on career options and education progression, i.e., matching the aspirations of the students with the course learning outcomes.