Academic Result Appeal

JE College makes every effort possible to complete the appellate process within 21 days of the receipt of the appeal by the College. When extended investigation becomes necessary, the in-charge of the respective department will inform the appellant by letter of this extended investigation.

• Only a written request for an assessment result’s appeal from the appellant concerned together with the Administrative fee for Appeal Request $ 100 (subject to change) will be considered.
• Request for an assessment result appeal must clearly state the grounds on which it is requested.
• Request for a review must be made within 7 working days of the receipt of the result, and the request made after the closing date will not be entertained in any circumstances.
• All requests for an assessment result appeal will be considered by the second-marker and the Examination Board.
• Request can be allowed or declined. If the request is declined, the appellant will be given the reason.
• All examination materials are confidential to JE Educational College and the examination booklets will not be shown or returned to the candidates.
• Decision made by the Examination Board is the final one.


Students requesting a re-mark of their internal exam/ tutorials or assignment paper must apply by completing the Assessment Remark Application Form. All applications for an assignment remark must include documentation evidence to verify that the student has the valid reasons to apply for an appeal. If a student cannot provide the required documentation, then the request will not be accepted/ considered. The student must also provide the appropriate payment as outlined in the Assessment Remark Application Form. The students can apply for the assessment remark within 7 working days of the assignment results being released. The administrator or the school must inform the Examination Board about the request made by the candidates for assessment remark. The school will notify the candidate/ appellant of the outcome in writing. A full refund of the remark charge is provided if the examination remark results in an increase to the grade of the appellant.

JE has proper appeal handling process, policy and procedure in place and assurance of undertaking an administrative check of the marks, upon receiving the complaint or appeal from the candidates or appellant for the poor result.

  1.  First and foremost, the candidate/ appellant can make a request to the tutor or the marker or for an informal discussion regarding the assessment result. The marker/ tutor has the privilege to accept the informal discussion and review the paper, or to decline the request. The tutor will notify the appellant of the outcome or decision of the assessment. Review or the recheck of the examination booklet involves checking that all procedures have been correctly followed, particularly that:
  • All materials have been fully considered;
  • The addition of marks awarded is correct;
  • The results achieved is correctly recorded in the results letter;
  1. If the candidate/ appellant is not satisfied with the result or the outcome or decision of the assessment, he/she can approach the administrator of the course together with the completed Assessment Remark Application Form. Upon receipt of the student’s request lodging appeal against the marks awarded, the administrator of the respective department will file the submitted documents, make notes of the outline of the reasons why the appeal is felt to be appropriate, the exam or course title of the paper the appeal is for, and the date of the letter received.  The administrator will confirm the letter as an email or by post that the appeal has been received. The administrator then undertakes an administrative check of the exam script prior to submitting the script for re-marking by an independent marker. Based on the findings, the administrator of the respective course will notify the appellant the outcome. The outcome will be notified to the appellant within 15 days from the receipt of the appeal letter, together with the explanation on the performance in the examination booklet. The outcome of the appeal may be a confirmation of the original decision or an overturning of this decision which may, in turn, lead to the awarding of the Pass Grade. (It is important to take note that the appellant doesn’t have the right to view the exam scripts.) The Administrator of the department will inform the Examination Board regarding the outcome of the re-check.
  2. The candidate/ appellant can make subsequent request not later than 5 working days after receiving letter of the outcome of an internal recheck or review. The request must be made within 5 working days of the date on the receipt of the appeal result letter. This time, the subsequent request can be made to the Examination Board of JE Educational College. The Examination Board will ask the Administrator for the script/ exam booklet to ensure that the appeal process has been properly carried out by the marker, the second marker and the Administrator. The Examination Board will check the booklet to make sure that the maker and the second checker have complied with the marking process and that the administrator has complied with the appeal procedure.

Throughout the re-mark, review and re-check process, the following will be ensured:

  • Making sure that all required parts of the assessment were included in the final determination of the result;
  • Making sure that all marks contributing to the final grade have been correctly weighed and their total accurately obtained

Upon undertaking all necessary investigations, the Examination Board will decide the result of the candidate and keep records of the findings in the review process. The administrator of the course will submit recommendation and suggestion to the Examination Board for their consideration.

For the external exams, the College will submit the appeal directly to the respective external exam bodies upon receipt of the Request from the student.


(i) For LCCI exams results, the appeal must be submitted within (6) weeks after the release of the results online. If the candidate wishes to appeal or enquire about their results for re-marking may download the EAR form to fill in and submit it to LCCI. Please refer to procedures on the form to enclose cheque payment and copies of relevant certificates for validation follow-up.

(ii) For GCE ‘O-Level examinations, the appeal must be submitted to Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board within (7) days after the release of the results online.
The changes in the appeal fee are subject to the external examination bodies.