About JE

An Introduction to JE Educational College

The School was established in 1986 with the name of JE Computer & Education Centre and registered with the Ministry of Education (Singapore) in 1987 to conduct Business, Accountancy, IT and Language courses. The School was awarded the CaseTrust for Education Accreditation for providing good student welfare and exhibiting sound business practices in 2005. The School is certified to meet ISO 9001:2008, the internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. The School changed its name to JE Educational College, a significant move with the objective of providing better services to our partners and valued customers.The College is granted Registration of Private Education Institution under ERF for a period of 4 years from 3/6/2014 to 2/6/2018. The College is awarded Edutrust Certification, as the College meets the basic requirements in corporate governance, quality of provision, and information transparency. Upon EduTrust certification, the College can recruit International Students who require Student Pass from ICA (Immigration Checkpoint Authority, Singapore).

Ms. Bernice Gao (Principal)
Masters of International Business, Monash University Australia
Bachelor Degree in Business (Accounting), Monash University Australia

Mr. Shi Yong (Director)
Master of Business Administration (UK)

Ms. Mar Lar (Vice Principal, Academic)
B.Sc Hons in Computing, University of Portsmouth, UK
Bachelor of Science(Physics), Dangon University, Myanmar
International Diploma in Computer Studies (IDCS, UK)

Mr. Tay Ming Chon (Vice Principal, Operation)
MSc in Finance (National University of Ireland)
Master of science in Computing ( De Montfort University)
Diploma in Taxation (Association of Taxation Technician Singapore)
Chartered Account – (ACCA – UK)
Diploma in Accounting – (AAT – UK)

Academic Board

The Academic Board will take full responsibility to look into the academic quality and rigour of JE. The Board also ensures that the content and duration of the modules or subjects, as well as the entry and graduation requirements of the course are appropriate; that deployment of teacher is based on the requirements stipulated by CPE; and that JE implements and complies with the policies and procedures developed.

Mr. Lee Geok Lim (Chairperson)
Bachelor of Business (Business Management) Charles Sturt University, Australia

Ms. Bernice Gao (Member)
Masters of International Business, Monash University Australia
Bachelor Degree in Business (Accounting), Monash University Australia

Mr. Ma Yanming (Member)
Master of Business Administration (University of Wales)
Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (China)


Gold Medal: 1st in WORLD

SubjectsYear & Exam Series
Business Statistics Lv 3Series 4 - 2003
Business Practice Lv 3Series 3 - 2003
Business Practice Lv 3Series 4 - 2002

Gold Medal: 1st in COUNTRY

SubjectsYear & Exam Series
Business Administration Lv 3Series 3 - 2004
Business Statistics Lv 3Series 4 - 2003
Business Practice Lv 3Series 3 - 2003
Business Practice Lv 3Series 4 - 2002
English for Business Lv 2Series 4 - 2001
English for Business Lv 2Series 3 - 2001

JE Educational College seeks to appoint professional and trustworthy Student Recruitment Agents who shall provide whole-hearted student recruitment and counseling services to the prospective students satisfactorily and effectively.

Interested applicants, please send your recent CV to info@jegroup.edu.sg . But the school will notify only the short listed applicants.

Duties and responsibilities of Appointed Recruitment Agents

• Being keen to work diligently and ethically to protect the interests of JE and not to engage in any activity that could be detrimental to the reputation of JE Educational College or the well-being of the students;

• To actively and continuously promote and recruit students for JE in accordance with all the policies and procedures, and to assist in the registration of students and other duties clearly articulated and agreed in the JE Contract;

• Complete and forward the list of all potential students for the courses offered, and inform students of the admission criteria for enrolment and the fee schedules for the courses they are interested in;

• Comply with all directives as being promulgated by JE from time to time, including, but not limited to, its admission, and other policies, as well as fee schedule;

• Taking full responsibility for own marketing and may use the brochures and other marketing collaterals as prepared and produced by the school, or materials of her/his own design and in the native language of the target students provided that these materials are first approved by the College management, in writing. Any costs, expenses and charges incurred or borne in performing the marketing under this Contract shall be at their sole expense and responsibility;

• In no way misrepresent the College and must only provide current information in her/his literature and presentations;

• Take responsible steps in confirming the accuracy of the information provided by the prospective students in the application, verifying the supporting documents and ensuring that all necessary documents are submitted;

• Recruit only those students who have primary purpose of studying, and advise students that they are expected to complete the course within the expected duration;

• Be prompt in attending to the needs of the students;

• Keep in touch with the College to update the information;

• Agree to attend the trainings and briefings conducted by the College;

Terms and Conditions

• The provision of any fraudulent information and the acceptance of money from the students shall result in immediate termination and a complete ban from the list of agents of JE.

• Failure to comply with the regulations and policies of JE may result in termination from the recruitment agent of JE. JE can revoke the rights granted to the Agent at any time by giving him/ her written notice on their misconduct or any manner that is disparaging or that otherwise portrays JE in a negative image.

• The Agent agrees to accept the terms and conditions of the Contract and agree to accept any disciplinary actions should he/ she fails to comply with the regulations.

Agent Obligations

Before making application the applicants are supposed to be familiar with the following:
• Code of Conduct for the agent of JE Educational College
• The Selection, management and monitoring process and procedure of student recruitment agent available at CPE (Committee for Private Education) website: www.cpe.gov.sg

Upon successful application, he/ she will need to enter the contract with JE Educational College, and his/ her contact details will be declared on the College website for the benefits of the prospective students who seek to find the authorized agent of JE.

They are to sign two copies of the contract with JE Educational College, one copy for them to retain and the other copy for the College to retain. The contract is a renewal contract, and the College has the privilege of the renewal of the contract depending on his/ her performance and meeting the targets of the College.

Interested applicants can download the Application Form for Student Recruitment Agent under ‘Contact Us’, complete it and send it to the College’s mail: info@jegroup.edu.sg or fax: +65-6563 3286.
Agents who wish to recruit students for JE Educational College, please contact the College.

Contact Information

1. Ms. Bernice Gao
Email Address: bernice@jegroup.edu.sg
2. Mr. Mike
Email Address: mike@jegroup.edu.sg

3. Ms. MAR LAR
Email Address: mar lar@jegroup.edu.sg, info@jegroup.edu.sg
5. Postal Address
JE Educational College
1 Kay Siang Road, Level 11, Singapore (248922)